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Helen Britten


Helen Britten

‘I have always enjoyed physical activity and have been active for most of my life. I enjoyed PE at school but I think this is a crucial time of life and when children can be turned off by the wrong approach which is why I think it’s vital to offer young people a variety of opportunities delivered in a fun and engaging way. I love coaching children and young people and seeing their confidence and ability grow.

Throughout my adult life I have enjoyed playing competitive sport and in later years I started running which I found a great stress reliever, I tend to walk more now, a nice chance to relax and reflect.

I am a strong believer that physical activity has positive impacts on a person in so many ways, not just on physical but mental health too. Taking that first step on a run or into a sports hall can be very challenging for many people but once it’s taken then the benefits outweigh everything else, and the opportunities are endless. Being an ambassador is a great way to support people, whether it’s a first step, a return or a new experience in their active future’.