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Darley Park


Darley Park, Derwent Park, Chester Green, Parker's Piece, Darley Fields and Nutwood Nature Reserve offer a variety of activities and environments, including riverside and woodland views and walks, exotic species tree trails, fishing, playing fields, children's play area, wildflower meadows, historic areas, the herbaceous border, Hydrangea Collection, Walled Garden, ancient woodland, Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site & World Heritage View, Darley Armistice Copse, Chester Green Community Orchard, as well as cycling paths, footpaths, parking, and refreshments and toilet facilities at the Terrace.


Routes are generally on hard surfaces, but some may be on gravel/bark surfaces. There are some woodland paths which may become muddy at times, and you may need to consider the weather conditions when choosing your route. Some surfaces may include tree roots, and all routes may have overhanging branches. Routes are directed throughout by corresponding coloured discs. Follow the symbols below so you know that to expect on each route.

For more information about our routes please download the following pdf.

Darley Park

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